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It's in everyone

Triathlon Western Australia (Triathlon WA) was established in 1986 as the governing body to oversee and promote the progress of the sports of Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquathlon and Multi-Sport in WA.

Triathlon WA is a non-profit organisation and is affiliated to the national governing body, Triathlon Australia. A sport once seen as extreme is now accessible to everyone with introductory distances for novice competitors from 200m swim, 6km bike 2km run, right through to the Iron distance.

We focus on encouraging a strong club membership structure which allows for our members to train within a community of like-minded people. A key focus for us is to promote and capitalise on the health and lifestyle benefits that come from taking part in triathlon – the physical, social and mental benefits.

Through our work, we aim to connect and inspire the community to a lifestyle of multi-sport, and promote the triathlon values of belonging, health, enjoyment, respect, achievement and integrity. Triathlon is a sport for life, and is well positioned to play a pivotal role in shaping people’s health and fitness habits from an early age.