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Brynt McSwain was a Triathlon WA member and previous State Champion across several distances in the sport. Brynt was one of a kind that contributed hugely to the triathlon community.

He tragically lost his life in October 2014 when he was knocked from his bike commuting home from work. Brynt McSwain’s life and legacy is celebrated on an annual basis with a trophy named in his honour presented to the state’s fastest male triathlete at the Triathlon WA State Sprint Championships.

We would like to thank Brynt’s Mum, Snow, for carrying on his legacy in this sport and presenting the trophy each year.

Brynt McSwain Trophy Winner

2020/21 – Jonny Sammut

2019/20 – Jonny Sammut

2018/19 – Luke Bate

2017/18 – Mike Lori

2016/17 – Ryan Bailie

2015/16 – Oli Stenning

2014/15 – Jesse Thyer

In memory of Brynt McSwain 1983 – 2014.