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Individual Performance of the Year

The Individual Performance of the Year Award is intended to recognise the most outstanding performances or one-off performance of West Australian athletes in the preceding twelve months including WA athletes racing ITU and WTC events.

SeasonMale WinnerFemale Winner
2015/2016Ryan BailieSally Pilbeam
2016/2017Ryan BailieKate Bevilaqua
2017/2018Alec DavisonFelicity Sheedy-Ryan
2018/2019David BryantSally Pilbeam
2019/2020Matt BurtonSally Pilbeam
2020/2021Not AwardedNot Awarded
2021/2022David BryantNot Awarded
2022/2023Kurt WesleyRhianna Hepburn
2023/2024Nick ThompsonNot Awarded

Steve Barrie Technical Official of the Year Award

The Technical Official of the Year Award has been acknowledged since 2000. The Award was renamed in 2007 in honour of TWA Life Member, Steve Barrie to recognise his significant contribution to our sport. This award is presented annually in recognition of the service and dedication of a Technical Official to the sport.

2000/2001Ann Blatchford
2001/2002Jonnene Hedge
2002/2003Jonnene HedgeWarren Milward
2003/2004Frank Stapleton
2004/2005Judi Clemie
2005/2006Jane McCullough
2006/2007Steve Barrie
2007/2008Frank Stapleton
2008/2009Nimal Wickramsinghe
2009/2010 Gaye McKean
2010/2011Cathy Hoare
2011/2012Eddy Girvan
2012/2013Shane BurnettJohn Janssen
2013/2014Linda Stenning
2014/2015Miriam O’Donoghue
2015/2016Steve Norton
2016/2017Sue Scott
2017/2018Damian D’Antoine
2018/2019Matt Roddis
2019/2020Not Awarded
2020/2021Trevor Forward
2021/2022Mike HeckCatherine LeGrand
2022/2023Felicity Tyrrell-Prince
2023/2024Jeffrey Dick

Coach of the Year

This award will recognise those individuals who have coached Western Australia athletes (Age Group or
Elite) to outstanding achievements in the past 12 months.

2016/2017Stuart Durham
2017/2018Steve Gleeson
2018/2019Janine Kaye
2019/2020Stuart Durham
2020/2021Janine KayeStuart Durham
2021/2022Not Awarded
2022/2023Steve Gleeson
2023/2024Stuart Durham

Community Coach of the Year

The Community Coach of the Year Award aims to honour those who do outstanding work in coaching non-elite age group or junior triathletes. Winners of this award will demonstrate outstanding engagement, integrity, community spirit and commitment to growing the sport of Triathlon in Western Australia.

2020/2021Ross Robertson
2021/2022Alex Barron
2022/2023Emma Moon
2023/2024Brad Kaye

Chris Hewitt Memorial Trophy

The Chris Hewitt Memorial Award acknowledges the service and contribution of Chris Hewitt, past TWA and Triathlon Australia President and member of Stadium Triathlon Club. Originally known as the President’s Trophy, the Award was renamed the Chris Hewitt Memorial Award in 2006. The TWA President presents this Award to the person deemed to have made the most outstanding contribution to the sport of triathlon through the past season.

1992/1993Sam Prince
1993/1994Clive Choat
1994/1995Peter Becker
1995/1996Robyn Scott
1996/1997Maureen Clavell
1997/1998Mark Clavell
1998/1999Stuart Fuller
1999/2000Ann Blatchford
2000/2001Not Awarded
2001/2002Kelly Mouttet
2002/2003Stuart Fuller
2003/2004Mark Batten
2004/2005Steve Barrie
2005/2006Kelly Mouttet
2006/2007Judi Clemie
2007/2008Annie Brinkworth
2008/2009Annie Brinkworth
2009/2010 Adam Shine
2010/2011Elliot Combes
2011/2012Dave Norton
2012/2013Simon Beaumont
2013/2014Andy Bowerman
2014/2015Not Awarded
2015/2016Dale WesleyLoretta Wesley
2016/2017Not Awarded
2017/2018Steve Norton
2018/2019Not Awarded
2019/2020Ross Robertson
2020/2021Claire Hawkins
2021/2022Karen Woods
2022/2023Not Awarded
2023/2024Bill Lakic

Service to Sport Award

The Service to Sport Award is intended to recognise an individual who has demonstrated outstanding service to the sport of triathlon over an extended period of time. This award allows for recognition of an individual whose service may not have been directly associated with TWA but has provided significant benefit to the sport at a club, event or other association level.

2017/2018Grant LandersRob Wiles
2018/2019Not Awarded
2019/2020Brian Kempson
2020/2021Caroline Cousins
2021/2022Mathew Jennings
2022/2023Brian Kempson
2023/2024Kate BevilaquaGuy Crawford

TWA Development Athlete of the Year Award

This award is for outstanding commitment, improvement and performance throughout the season for an athlete in our Development Program.

2012/2013Jaz Hedgeland
2013/2014Jaz Hedgeland
2014/2015Jessica Claxton
2015/2016Jessica Claxton
2016/2017Liam McCoach
2017/2018Luke Bate
2018/2019Madison Toovey
2019/2020Adam White
2020/2021Indie Arbuckle
2021/2022Rhianna Hepburn
2022/2023Ivan Nagel
2023/24Ava HenvilleLuke Williams

Champion Club

One of the most sought-after awards at the Triathlon WA Annual Awards is the Champion Club Award.
The Champion Club trophy is awarded annually to the club whose financial members accumulated the most points across the Triathlete of the Year Series. This includes both the Senior and the Junior Series’. Points are weighted on a per member basis.

SeasonWinning Club
2012/2013Stadium Triathlon Club
2013/2014North Coast Triathlon Club
2014/2015Stadium Triathlon Club
2015/2016Exceed Triathlon Club
2016/2017Break Your Limits
2017/2018Break Your Limits
2018/2019Exceed Triathlon Club
2019/2020North Coast Triathlon Club
2020/2021North Coast Triathlon Club
2021/2022North Coast Triathlon Club
2022/2023North Coast Triathlon Club
2023/2024Mandurah Triathlon Club

TWA Interclub Series Awards

The TWA Interclub Competition is divided into three regions throughout WA. Clubs accumulate points through their members’ participation and performance at events listed on the Interclub Series Calendar. These events include metro and regional races chosen strategically due to their location and
popularity amongst our membership.

SeasonInterclub Series ChampionNorth MetroSouth MetroRegional
2020/2021North CoastNorth CoastFremantleBunbury
2021/2022North CoastNorth CoastMandurahBunbury
2022/2023MandurahNorth CoastMandurahBusselton

Club Event Series Winner

2015/2016Esperance Triathlon Club
2016/2017Esperance Triathlon Club
2017/2018UWA Triathlon Club
2018/2019UWA Triathlon Club
2019/2020Exceed Triathlon Club