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TWA Ties the Knot with Caterpy and Lasso

TWA Ties the Knot with Caterpy and Lasso

Date: 29 Nov 2021
Posted: 2 years ago

Triathlon WA is pleased to announce a new partnership with Caterpy and Lasso for 2021/2022.

Caterpy Australia produces the ultimate no-tie shoelaces perfect for athletes and kids. The laces provide the right amount of tension through the shoe, adapt to different foot shapes and remove the hassle of tying.

Lasso produces support and compression apparel that improves circulation and stabilises joints for better movement. With built in ankle, foot and arch support, these socks are perfect for training and performance.

As part of the partnership agreement, Christmas has come early for TWA members who can expect to receive an email with a discount code for any purchases made through Caterpy and Lasso.