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Triathlon WA welcomes a strength and conditioning partner

Triathlon WA welcomes a strength and conditioning partner

Date: 08 Apr 2022
Posted: 2 years ago

Triathlon WA is excited to be partnering with a strength and conditioning organisation, Diamond Fitness. As part of the partnership, Triathlon WA members will receive a discounted gym membership at both Diamond Fitness locations (Osborne Park and Thornlie) which includes a triathlon-specific strength and conditioning program and support from personal trainers. Members will also be able to access educational workshops run by qualified exercise scientists.

Strength and conditioning assists in preparing the body to handle the rigors of participating in sports. In the case of triathlon, it reduces the likelihood of injury by correcting muscle imbalances and identifying weaknesses in a specific athlete. This also improves functional movement capacity, posture, technique, and range of motion allowing for increased overall performance. 

Diamond Fitness’ CEO, Dean White said, “Diamond Fitness is truly excited to partner with Triathlon WA. We are committed to assisting athletes improve their performance through strength and conditioning, education and cutting edge sports science. We’d like to offer 2 weeks free in April or May to all TWA members who are interested in finding out more about Diamond and what we can offer”.

If you are a current Triathlon WA member and are interested in learning more, visit the Diamond Fitness website, email info@diamondfitness.com.au or call Dean on 0439 700 083.