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Introducing the WA State Team Lightning League Supported by Carnac

Introducing the WA State Team Lightning League Supported by Carnac

Date: 31 Aug 2023
Posted: 7 months ago

The Lightning League is a a draft legal race series designed specifically for our Triathlon WA Pathway Program athletes to help build and develop race intelligence, tactical awareness and provide different challenges and stressors than they may normally encounter in standard draft legal racing.

The Lightning League is proudly supported by Carnac.


There will be three teams: Hurricanes, Cyclones and Tornadoes. WA State Team Athletes will be classified in terms of age and skill development level, and divided fairly amongst the three teams to create a balance of gender, age and ability. Each team will wear a different colour and are racing for points toward their team total. Finishing position determines point score.

Each team will have a dedicated Coach to support and guide them.

Older more experienced athletes who already race Open (i.e. athletes outside of the Pathway Program) will be given the role of Ambassadors, and offer support, mentorship, and race feedback. Ambassadors will also provide race pressure and competition for the U/23 and more developed juniors.

Youth, Junior, and U23 Athletes WA Team will all be racing at the same time regardless of age or gender. There will be a handicap system in place based on a combination of age and race confidence, which will see older and more experienced athletes racing slightly longer distances to create an exciting and dynamic racing outcome.

There are 3 races in the series in total, all at run at Champion Lakes Regatta Centre. There will be an Equalizer format on 21 October 2023 (SBRSBR), a Triple mix on 18 November 2023 (SBR-RBS-RSB) and mixed relays on 9 December 2023 (SBR-tag-SBR). Each race will have a team winner, and a series-winning team will be crowned at the conclusion of race 3.

We sincerely thank Carnac for their support of this initiative, and hope that Lightning League participants will enjoy the process, have fun, and learn important race skills that help them develop in the sport.