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Triathletes Celebrated at the 2023/24 TWA Annual Awards

Triathletes Celebrated at the 2023/24 TWA Annual Awards

Date: 27 May 2024
Posted: 2 weeks ago

On Sunday, 26 May 2024, the 2023/24 Triathlon WA Annual Awards were held at Rendezvous Hotel on the Scarborough Foreshore. We welcomed 130 athletes, supporters, staff, partners and friends to the Mentelle Room overlooking the ocean for a special breakfast to celebrate the season!

Triathlon WA would like to congratulate the below award winners on their achievements and contributions in the 2023/24 season. We look forward to welcoming everyone back in 2024/25 for another fantastic year of racing.

Life Membership Awards

The award of Life Membership is the highest honour Triathlon WA can bestow on an individual and is awarded in recognition of those who have made an outstanding contribution to the existence or effectiveness of the association during their membership. We are recognising TWO new Life Members this season.


Vicki’s dedication to triathlon has endured since 1993 when she became a founding member of City Triathlon Club. Over the years, she served as head coach, TRYstars program coordinator, and club President.

Her impact extends beyond the club, notably with the Women’s Triathlon Academy, which she founded in 1997. This initiative, now in its 27th year, fosters inclusivity for women in triathlon. Vicki’s contributions also include volunteering for Women in Sport initiatives, leading women’s cycling sessions, and supporting events like the Weetbix Triathlon and Women’s Triathlon. Additionally, she dedicated her time as lead escort rider at Busselton for 5 years, marshal at School Sport WA events, and served on the School Sport WA board. Vicki’s legacy of service has left an indelible mark on the triathlon community


For over two decades, Dave has been at the forefront of triathlon innovation in Western Australia, shaping the sport into what it is today. As Race Director for over 200 triathlons, including 50+ State, National, and World Championship events, he has ensured quality and inclusivity for all participants.

Dave’s pioneering spirit was evident in managing the first multisport event, the Coca Cola Aquathlon Series, and his pivotal role in establishing triathlon in Busselton, which became home to one of the world’s largest Half Ironman races. His contributions have made a lasting impact, cementing the “Busso Half” as an iconic sporting event in WA’s landscape. The sport and the races on offer would not be where they are today without Dave’s years of hard work.

Technical Service Awards

The Technical Service Awards are awarded in recognition of a Technical Official who has provided many years of commitment and service. The sport would not be possible if it wasn’t for our Technical Officials.

5 Years – Trevor Forward
15 Years – John Janssen
15 Years – Chris Limb

We also presented a very special certificate of thanks to Chris Limb as he retires from officiating after this season. Chris is a remarkable individual whose dedication and reliability as an official is truly commendable. Chris is not only diligent in his duties but also embodies fairness and thoughtfulness in every decision he makes. An all-rounder with remarkable adaptability, Chris has taken on nearly every officiating role on the field. A shining example of his commitment occurred when he couldn’t race at Busselton on the day; and instead of stepping back, he chose to volunteer and support the technical team, selflessly giving up his time to help others. A long-time member of the North Coast Triathlon Club, Chris is also a Long Course Legend, having completed an impressive 23 Long Course events as an athlete. Thank you Chris.

Service to Sport

The Service to Sport Award is intended to recognise individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service to the sport of triathlon at a state, club, event, or other association level.

The recipients of the 2023/24 Service to Sport Award were Kate Bevilaqua and Guy Crawford.

For over a decade, Kate and Guy have served as athletes, coaches, mentors, ambassadors, and commentators, inspiring others with their leadership and achievements. Through their careers, coaching and volunteer work, they have contributed greatly to nurturing the next generation of triathletes.

Kate and Guy have consistently shown their commitment to supporting Triathlon WA and the growth of our community through regional school coaching programs, coach development initiatives, mentoring Pathway Program athletes, assisting with initiatives like the Lightning League, volunteering, and active participation in local events. Both Kate and Guy have had illustrious careers as professional athletes and continue to represent WA on the world stage – forging international connections and promoting the sport with integrity and pride. Guy also recently earned the title of Long Course Legend, having just completed his 15th Long Course event in Busselton. This duo’s dedication and passion for our sport have made a lasting impact on the triathlon community.

Community Coach of the Year Award

The Community Coach of the Year Award, now in its fourth year, honours those who do outstanding work in coaching non-elite, age group, or junior triathletes. Winners of this award demonstrate outstanding engagement, integrity, community spirit, and commitment to growing the sport of Triathlon in Western Australia.

The recipient of the Community Coach of the Year award for 2023/24 was Brad Kaye.

Brad has been a powerhouse in the triathlon community for many years, and regularly coaches swim sessions for North Coast Triathlon Club as well as helping with their Men in Triathlon program. Brad is also a coach for the GK Endurance squad, supporting the cycle sessions for GK Juniors and filling in for other coaches as needed. This season, Brad has played a crucial role in supporting the WA Team and TWA pathway program, mentoring our juniors and contributing to new initiatives.

Coach of the Year Award

The Coach of the Year Award recognises individuals who have coached WA athletes (Age Group or Elite) to one or more outstanding achievements in the preceding twelve months.

The recipient of the Coach of the Year for 2023/24 was Stuart Durham.

Stuart’s genuine passion for the sport and unwavering commitment to his athletes have led to remarkable achievements. Under his guidance, WA athletes have secured back-to-back state titles, podium finishes in 70.3 events, and even claimed the #1 World Ranking in Duathlon. Stuart’s inclusive coaching philosophy ensures personalised attention for every athlete, regardless of their level. His positive and supportive squad environment has made a significant impact on training experiences.

Beyond individual successes, Stuart has guided age group athletes to prestigious championships, with his juniors and age groupers consistently excelling at local triathlons. Stuart Durham’s dedication and inspiring guidance make him a deserving recipient of the Triathlon WA Coach of the Year award.

Steve Barrie Technical Official of the Year

The Technical Official of the Year Award, established in 2000, was renamed in 2007 to honor TWA Life Member Steve Barrie for his significant contributions to our sport. Presented annually, this award recognises the outstanding service and dedication of a Technical Official.

The recipient of the 2023/24 Steve Barrie Award was Jeffrey Dick.

In four years as a member of the Australian Technical Officiating Program, Jeff has been exceptionally active and dedicated, assisting at 10 events this season alone, including both the National School and State School Championships, which span two days each. This year, Jeff also took on the significant role of Technical Director for the Busselton Foreshore Triathlon, demonstrating his leadership and commitment to the sport. As a proud member of the Busselton Triathlon Club, Jeff has proven to be an invaluable asset to our community.

Chris Hewitt Memorial Award (President’s Trophy)

The Chris Hewitt Memorial Award acknowledges the service and contribution of Chris Hewitt, past TWA and Triathlon Australia President and member of Stadium Triathlon Club. Originally known as the President’s Trophy, the Award was renamed the Chris Hewitt Memorial Award in 2006. The TWA President presents this Award to the person deemed to have made the most outstanding contribution to the sport of triathlon through the past season.

The recipient of this award was Bill Lakic, from North Coast Triathlon Club.

Bill has played a pivotal role in expanding grassroots initiatives and strengthening his club’s relationships with the local community. He actively engages with the local government and other sporting bodies, constantly exploring innovative ideas to promote the sport and lifestyle. His enthusiasm for triathlon, club camaraderie, and community values is infectious. He maintains open communication with Triathlon WA staff, providing valuable feedback and ideas for program enhancements.

Bill started as the merchandise manager for the North Coast Triathlon Club committee, but nine months ago, he stepped up to the role of programs coordinator when needed. He has successfully managed and grown several key courses, including the Women in Triathlon Course, Men in Triathlon Course, Trystars, and Trystars Next. Organised and proactive, Bill has already scheduled the club’s programs for the next season, secured venues, and liaised with key stakeholders. He takes initiative, ensuring tasks are completed promptly and efficiently for the benefit of the NCTC committee and the wider community

Individual Performance of the Year – Male

The Individual Performance of the Year Award is intended to recognise the most outstanding performances or one-off performance of West Australian athletes in the preceding twelve months including WA athletes racing World Triathlon events.

In his debut year as a professional athlete, our 2023/24 winner Nick Thompson has captured the attention of the entire country with his racing prowess, and is a worthy recipient of this award.

Nick started the season by winning the Ironman 70.3 Sunshine Coast in September 2023, crossing the finish line over a minute ahead of his competitors with a total time of 3:40:02. At the finish line, Nick was quoted as saying “Days like these make the effort worthwhile.”

Next, he conquered IRONMAN Western Australia in December 2023, finishing third with an impressive time of 7:48:23 against a very competitive field. In February 2024, he secured victory at Ironman 70.3 Tasmania, facing tough competition from Olympic Silver Medalist Javier Gomez and World Championship Podium finisher Braden Currie.

To top it off, he smashed the course record and clinched the victory at the 2024 Busselton 100, crossing the finish line in an astonishing time of 3:15:32 – just six days after competing in Ironman Texas! These outstanding performances showcase his talent, determination, and resilience.

AWARD 7: Development Athlete of the Year

This award is for outstanding commitment, improvement, and performance throughout the season for an athlete in our Development Program. As well as attendance and attitude at training, commitment to team values and interaction, skills growth and continued improvement.

Our winners for this year were both regular and enthusiastic participants at WA team activities and are always eager to learn and help others. They are both dedicated and determined athletes that work hard on improving their skills and have both had outstanding results locally and nationally this season.


Ava is a humble and hard-working young lady who has been consistently strong across all 3 disciplines for many years. Ava won just about every local race she toed the line at this season and placed 4th at the Intermediate School Sport Nationals. Earlier this year she stepped up to race her first Junior national race and showed amazing tenacity to ride solo and run herself into 3rd, which saw her claim 2nd place at the Australian Junior Sprint Championships in Wollongong in April.


Luke brings joy and fun in everything he does, always striving to improve as an athlete. This season, he’s achieved outstanding results, including a 2nd place at the Intermediate School Sport Nationals and a 1st place at the Australian Youth SuperSprint Championships.

Champion Club

The Champion Club trophy is awarded annually to the club whose financial members accumulated the most points across the Triathlete of the Year Series. This includes both the Senior and the Junior Series.

The winner of the 2024 Champion Club Award is Mandurah Triathlon Club.

Interclub Series Conference Champions

The Winner of the North Conference is Stadium Triathlon Club.

The Winner of the South Conference is Mandurah Triathlon Club

The Winner of the Regional Conference is Busselton Triathlon Club

The Winner of the 2024 Interclub Overall Champion is Mandurah Triathlon Club

Triathlete of the Year (TOTY) Open Winners

Awards are presented to the top five male and female triathletes in the Open Category based on their performance and participation in the Triathlon WA State Series.

See the final standings here.

1stReece HarrisAleisha Wesley
2ndMatt BurtonSian Munks
3rdNick ThompsonMadison Toovey (Tie)
Indie Arbuckle (Tie)
4thRonan Hays
5thKurt WesleyElla Phelan

Triathlete of the Year (TOTY) Age Group Winners

Awards are presented to the three highest point scoring male and female athletes in each age group based on their performance and participation in the Triathlon WA State Series.

See the final standings here.

Lucy Henville12-13 yrs1ST (TIE)
Florence Erskine12-13 yrs1ST (TIE)
Ava Rodgers12-13 yrs3RD
Ava Henville14-15 yrs1ST
Ella Rayner14-15 yrs2ND
Isabella Neervoort14-15 yrs3RD
Bridie Crew16-19 yrs1ST
Amelie Erskine16-19 yrs2ND
Kayla Bongers16-19 yrs3RD
Cassy Newman20-241ST
Sarah Nisbet25-291ST
Kristan Boyle25-292ND
Jessica Pratley25-293RD
Melanie Wade30-341ST
Brittany Edwards30-342ND
Nicole Alexander30-343RD
Michelle Carranza35-391ST
Alexandra Meek35-392ND (TIE)
Clodagh Glynn35-392ND (TIE)
Christina Ladyman40-441ST
Rebecca Lewis40-442ND
Anna Massey40-443RD
Kate Atkinson45-491ST
Alison Thompson45-492ND
Fiona Yard45-493RD
Emma Leonard50-541ST
Alison Ramm50-542ND
Katherine Ryan50-543RD
Caroline Anderson55-591ST
Lisa Hitchcock55-592ND
Pip Laufmann55-593RD
Lise Ashton60-641ST
Ruth Metcalf60-642ND
Monica Borrill60-643RD
Trish Vickery65-691ST
Dean Skroza12-13 yrs1ST
Liam Johnson12-13 yrs2ND
Brodie Moir12-13 yrs3RD
Andrew Newton14-15 yrs1ST
Luke Williams14-15 yrs2ND
Brodie Wilkinson14-15 yrs3RD
Will Cramsie16-19 yrs1ST
Ivan Nagel16-19 yrs2ND
Connor Fraser16-19 yrs3RD
Daniel Buis20-241ST
Devlin Chiffings20-242ND
Oliver Terry20-243RD (TIE)
Jaxon Bilchuris20-243RD (TIE)
Damien McAleese25-291ST
Chad McKay25-292ND
Aidan Clark25-293RD
Jarrad Bowen30-341ST
Chris Williams30-342ND
Iain Miller35-391ST
Duncan Kinnear35-392ND
Jarryd Heldt35-393RD
Brett Johnson40-441ST
Philipp Albert40-442ND
Phil Corrick40-443RD
Danny Cobb45-491ST
Matt Genevieve45-492ND
Marcus Rooney45-493RD
Russell Harris50-541ST
Bart Hollemans50-542ND
Jason Bonser50-543RD
Matt McKay55-591ST
Phil Monks55-592ND
Phillip Hays55-593RD
Andrew Johns60-641ST
Darryl Harris60-642ND
Dale Wesley60-643RD
Barry Silverlock65-691ST
Richard Burnell65-692ND
David Whiteley70-741ST
Malcolm Wilcox70-742ND