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2021/22 Triathlon WA Annual Awards

2021/22 Triathlon WA Annual Awards

Date: 23 May 2022
Posted: 1 year ago

On Sunday, 22 May 2022, the 2021/22 Triathlon WA Annual Awards were held at Ambrose Estate in Wembley. Nearly 200 guests including TWA members, club committees, Board, staff, sponsors, life members and the Member for Churchlands, Ms Christine Tonkin MLA attended to celebrate the many successes across our sport over the last 12 months.

Triathlon WA would like to congratulate the below award winners on their achievements and contributions in the 2021/22 season. We look forward to welcoming everyone back in 2022/23 for another fantastic year of racing.

AWARD 1: TWA Steve Barrie Award

The Technical Official of the Year Award has been acknowledged since 2000. The Award was renamed in 2007 in honour of TWA Life Member, Steve Barrie to recognise his significant contribution to our sport.

Sadly, Steve Barrie passed away in 2020 so he cannot be here to present the award which he did for a number of years. Steve will always be remembered by the triathlon community as an athlete, volunteer, board member and highly regarded official within the sport.  

This award is presented annually in recognition of the service and dedication of a Technical Official to the sport.

Awarded to the Technical Official of the Year on the recommendation of the TWA Technical Reference Panel, the Steve Barrie Award recognises an individual’s valuable contribution to the technical program based on their regular participation in the Field of Play (minimum of five events in the season) and their contribution to the progression of the program throughout the season.

This year, the Steve Barrie Award was presented to two deserving winners:

Catherine LeGrand, and Mike Heck.

Catherine and Mike completed their Technical Official course in October last year and since then have held a number of roles within the technical teams across the season. In total they have officiated at a combined total of 17 events since October.  Both have made considerable contribution to the technical program, and we thank them for their service.

AWARD 2: Technical Official Service Awards

The Technical Official Service Awards are awarded in recognition of a Technical Official who has provided over 5, 10 and 15 years of commitment and service to the sport of Triathlon. The sport would not be possible if it wasn’t for our Technical Officials, so we’d like to thank every official within our program.

The following service to sport awards were awarded:

For 5 years of service:

  • Peter Hall

For 10 years of service:

  • Mark Ward

For 15 years of service:

  • Gaye McKean

For an incredible 25 years of service:

  • Rob Wiles

Rob is the first person in WA who has served 25 years since the program started. This is an outstanding achievement and we thank Rob for everything he adds to the Triathlon WA community.

AWARD 3: TWA Community Coach of the Year Award

The Community Coach of the Year Award, now in its second year, aims to honour those who do outstanding work in coaching non-elite age group or junior triathletes. Winners of this award will demonstrate outstanding engagement, integrity, community spirit and commitment to growing the sport of Triathlon in Western Australia.

The winner of this award organised training and information sessions for club members and created a welcoming environment for athletes of all ages and abilities. He is a supportive, positive and encouraging coach for a wide range of athletes and is particularly engaging with his juniors. Along with being an athlete himself, his can-do attitude, passion and commitment is portrayed through his coaching, and his athletes have achieved some fantastic results this season under his guidance.   

The 2022 Community Coach of the Year Award was presented to Armadale Tri Club’s Founder and President, Alex Barron.

AWARD 4: Chris Hewitt Memorial Trophy – President’s Award

The Chris Hewitt Memorial Award acknowledges the service and contribution of Chris Hewitt, past TWA and Triathlon Australia President and member of Stadium Triathlon Club. Originally known as the President’s Trophy, the Award was renamed the Chris Hewitt Memorial Award in 2006.

The TWA President presents this Award to the person deemed to have made the most outstanding contribution to the sport of triathlon through the past season.

This year’s winner works tirelessly behind the scenes as President of Perth Tri Club. The club has seen significant growth in membership over the last few seasons under her leadership. She is always engaged with Triathlon WA and our initiatives and continues to drive club development and participation opportunities within the club.

The Chris Hewitt Memorial Trophy for 2022 was awarded to Karen Woods, Perth Tri Club.

Award 5: Service to Sport Award

The Service to Sport Award is intended to recognise an individual who has demonstrated outstanding service to the sport of triathlon over an extended period of time. This award allows for recognition of an individual whose service may not have been directly associated with TWA but has provided significant benefit to the sport at a club, event or other association level.

The 2022 Service to Sport Award recipient is Mathew Jennings.

Mathew has seen this sport from many perspectives, an athlete, a mentor, a committee member, a president, a technical official and as a coach. The knowledge he has obtained is invaluable and he has always been willing to share it. Matt has been an active member within Triathlon WA for over 30 years and is a Triathlon WA Long Course Legend. As President of Stadium Tri Club, Mathew was crucial in starting up the Karri Valley Triathlon, still a feature on the TWA event calendar to date. Mathew has consistently advocated the benefits of being associated with TWA and his beloved Superdrome / Stadium Tri Club.

We thank Matt for his continued support and dedication to the Sport of Triathlon in Western Australia.

Award 6: Individual Performance of the Year Award

The Individual Performance of the Year Award is intended to recognise the most outstanding performances or one-off performance of West Australian athletes in the preceding twelve months including WA athletes racing ITU and WTC events.

This year’s winner is David Bryant for his performance at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

AWARD 7: TWA Development Athlete of the Year Award.

This award is for outstanding commitment, improvement and performance throughout the season for an athlete in our Development Program. As well as attendance and attitude at training, commitment to team values and interaction, skills growth and continued improvement.

The TWA Development Athlete of the Year for 2022 is Rhianna Hepburn.

Rhianna is part of our Talent Program within WA, and she won the Oceania Junior Championships held in Victoria earlier this month.

AWARD 8: 2022 Junior Triathlete of the Year Awards

The Junior Triathlete of the Year Series comprises a number of races specifically selected for junior triathletes aged 12 to 19 years of age. Awards are presented to the three highest point scoring male and female athletes in each of the junior age groups. An athlete’s best four (4) results from Junior Triathlete of the Year Series events are considered.

12-13 years

Male 1st PlaceThor Sultana
Male 2nd PlaceNicholas Bell
Male 3rd PlaceMax Buiks
Female 1st PlaceAva Henville
Female 2nd PlaceRebecca Puccini
Female 3rd PlaceRemy Patterson

14-15 years

Male 1st PlaceIvan Nagel
Male 2nd PlaceConnor Richards
Male 3rd PlaceWill Cramsie
Female 1st PlaceBridie Crew
Female 2nd PlaceErin Driscoll
Female 3rd PlaceBillie Mincham

16-19 yrs

Male 1st Place James Kjellgren-Lewis
Male 2nd PlaceJoshua Neervoort
Male 3rd PlaceDaniel Stewart
Female 1st PlaceEmily White
Female 2nd PlaceAbbie Crew
Female 3rd PlaceEva Czislowski

AWARD 9: Triathlon WA Champion Club Award

The Champion Club trophy is awarded annually to the club whose financial members accumulated the most points across the Triathlete of the Year Series. This includes both the Senior and the Junior Series’. Points are weighted on a per member basis.

The winner of the 2022 Champion Club Award is NORTH COAST TRIATHLON CLUB

AWARD 10: Interclub Series Conference Champions

The TWA Interclub Competition is divided into three regions throughout WA. Clubs accumulated points through their members’ participation and performance at events listed on the Interclub Series Calendar. These events included metro and regional races chosen strategically due to their location and popularity amongst our membership.

We would like to thank the near on 1500 club members who participated in the Interclub Series, the Race Directors who hosted an event within the Series and the clubs for embracing the competition. There were some great displays of camaraderie throughout the season and it was fantastic to see so many TWA members wearing their club colours.

The winner of each conference received $250 for their club, with the overall Champion Club receiving an additional $500.

The winner of the North Conference is NORTH COAST TRI CLUB

The winner of the South Conference is MANDURAH TRI CLUB

The winner of the Regional Conference is BUNBURY TRI CLUB

The winner of the 2022 Interclub Overall Champion, for the second year in a row is NORTH COAST TRIATHLON CLUB

AWARD 11: Age Group Triathlete of the Year Awards

Awards are presented to the three highest point scoring male and female athletes in each senior age group. An athlete’s best seven (7) results from the State Series events will be considered.


Male 1st PlaceAidan Clark
Male 2nd PlaceOliver Terry
Male 3rd PlaceHarry Sinclair
Female 1st PlaceMegan Shine
Female 2nd PlaceBrooke Bishop
Female 3rd PlaceIsla Oliver


Male 1st Place Hamish Delorenzo
Male 2nd PlaceBrynn Wells
Male 3rd PlaceJack McLeay
Female 1st PlaceJanne Liebmann
Female 2nd PlaceSarah Nisbet
Female 3rd PlaceAbigail Bygrave


Male 1st Place Bryant Ware
Male 2nd PlaceMark Radziejewski
Male 3rd PlaceJames O’Neill
Female 1st PlaceMelanie Wade
Female 2nd PlaceClodagh Glynn
Female 3rd PlaceKate Lahart


Male 1st Place Drew Mitchell
Male 2nd PlaceJoao Carlos Bernardes Neto
Male 3rd PlacePhilipp Albert
Female 1st PlaceEmma Moon
Female 2nd PlaceCamilla Swenson
Female 3rd PlaceManue Hooper-Bue


Male 1st Place Andrew Malatios
Male 2nd PlaceGreg Saunt
Male 3rd PlaceDaniel Wedge
Female 1st PlaceRebecca Lewis
Female 2nd PlaceLee-Anne Flugel
Female 3rd PlaceKate Atkinson


Male 1st Place Bart Hollemans
Male 2nd PlaceJason Bonser
Male 3rd PlaceMatthew Snell
Female 1st PlaceKerri Renshaw
Female 2nd PlaceJody Brownley
Female 3rd PlaceAdrienne Richardson


Male 1st Place Matt McKay
Male 2nd PlaceRussell Harris
Male 3rd PlaceArron Robertson
Female 1st PlaceEmma Leonard
Female 2nd PlaceLisa Hitchcock
Female 3rd PlaceNikki Pursell


Male 1st Place Phil Monks
Male 2nd PlaceGary Hardman
Male 3rd PlaceAndrew Johns
Female 1st PlaceFiona Longden
Female 2nd PlaceCaroline Anderson
Female 3rd PlaceJane Hardy


Male 1st PlaceBarry Silverlock
Male 2nd PlaceDarryl Harris
Male 3rd PlaceRichard Burnell
Female 1st PlaceTrish Vickery
Female 2nd PlaceRobyn Scott
Female 3rd PlaceJune Ward


Male 1st PlaceSteve Ware
Male 2nd Place John Hook
Male 2nd Place George Funk
Male 2nd Place Neil Grice
Male 2nd PlaceIan Mossenson
Female 1st PlaceJenny Owen
Female 2nd PlaceVicki Kelly
Female 3rd PlacePamela Williams


Male 1st Place David Whiteley
Male 2nd PlacePeter Fergie


Male 1st Place Dave Scott
Male 2nd PlaceChris Limb


Male 1st Place Dennis Devereaux
Male 2nd PlaceNige Young
Female 1st PlaceSally Pilbeam

AWARD 12: Open Triathlete of the Year Awards

Awards are presented to the top five male and female triathletes in the TWA Open Category. An athlete’s best seven (7) results from the State Series events will be considered.


Male 1st PlaceZeke Tinley
Male 2nd PlaceGuy Crawford
Male 3rd PlaceMatt Burton
Male 4th PlaceNick Thompson
Male 5th PlaceJames Martin
Female 1st PlaceAleisha Wesley
Female 2nd PlaceKate Bevilaqua
Female 3rd PlaceKatherine Ryan
Female 4th PlaceIndie Arbuckle
Female 5th PlaceJessica Claxton