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Return to Triathlon Training Guidelines - 6 June 2020

  • Triathlon WA
  • 05 Jun 2020
  • Posted 1 year ago

From 6 June, Western Australia enters Phase 3 of its Covid-19 WA Roadmap. A range of restrictions will be eased, for example allowing group sizes to increase to 100. Given the guidelines are quite broad we have worked with a range of stakeholders to be able to translate this into guidance for the return to triathlon training here in WA. 

We are providing version 2 of Return to Triathlon Training Guidelines based upon the current information as of 5 June 2020. Whilst we are closely monitoring all government information delivery avenues to keep you all up to date, we request you to ensure that you regularly check the WA Government website for any changes to legislation and guidelines. You can find the directives here.

The below document has been developed to assist in maintaining safe triathlon training within Western Australia. This information is designed to assist club officials, coaches and members and seeks to provide further information for operating as safely as possible. 

It is important that each clubs/coaches and members reviews their own training environment and only recommence group training IF they can do so within the Government guidelines and not at the risk to themselves, there participants and the wider public. Please remember that Western Australia is still in a State of Emergency and extreme caution should be used in conducting any activities to prevent the spread of Covid-19. As a triathlon community we need to be part of the solution, not the problem that Government is trying to tackle by physical (social) distancing and reducing large gatherings.

For more information please contact Triathlon WA on 08 9443 9778. 

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