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Why you should register for your race early

  • Triathlon WA
  • 25 Jan 2019
  • Posted 2 years ago

This season we have seen a lot of new race directors, be they clubs or private, who have stepped up to ensure that we have as comprehensive a triathlon calendar as we’ve ever had.  Choosing to put on a race is a big decision which involves a huge financial commitment before anyone has even registered.  So, when athletes don’t register for an event until the last moment it is a matter of great consternation for all race operators.

Some event costs are set regardless of how many people register for the event, for example:

  • Road closures/traffic management – this is determined by the length of the race and the amount of time spent on public roads but if road closures are required the starting point would be several thousand dollars and it only gets bigger from there.
  • Timing – We all want to know our times and our splits and we want to be able to access them straight away. That requires a timing company, and this is also into the thousands.
  • Water Safety – Surf lifesavers may be volunteers but part of the way they raise funds for their volunteer organisation is to hire out their water safety services.
  • Fencing – There’s always plenty of fencing in a triathlon as we try to navigate our way from swim to bike to run.  It can be a major expense when operators have to hire in fencing.

And then there are the cost that are dependent on the number of people registered.  Some can be changed at the last minute but some cannot.

  • Toilets – we may not like them but if portable toilets are required they need to be booked ahead of time and are based on an expected number of people
  • Race numbers/swim caps – also need to be ordered 8 weeks before the event and are based on expected numbers
  • Bike racks – Many of our clubs don’t have enough of their own racks and need to hire them in.
  • Volunteers – They are essential to the sport and events wont happen without them.  The number of volunteers is dependent on the number of people competing.
  • Recovery food – we all expect something after a race, a banana, a piece of watermelon maybe even a biscuit.  They all add to the cost.

This is just a small sample of some of the cost involved in running an event and doesn’t even touch on the huge time commitment people give in organising events. 

If we want to ensure that we continue to have a healthy racing calendar in WA it is imperative that people register for events and register early.  If people continue to leave registration until the last minute, events could get cancelled and we all lose out.  So, don’t just talk about it at training, do it.  Register now and get your friends to register too and we can all enjoy this great sport.