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Nominee Profiles for Triathlon WA Board Elections

  • Triathlon WA
  • 28 Sep 2020
  • Posted 7 months ago

Triathlon WA is pleased to present the following nominee profiles for the upcoming Board Elections. 

Elections of the four (4) vacant positions are in accordance with Rule 25.2.5 of the Constitution of Triathlon Western Australia Incorporated.  

If the number of nominations exceed the number of vacancies to be filled, a secret ballot shall be taken in such a usual and proper manner as the chair directs.  

The secret ballot directed by the chair will take place via Elections Australia PTY LTD. Voting will open at 10:00am (WST) on Thursday 22 October 2020 and close at 4:00pm (WST) Wednesday 28 October 2020. The outcome of the vote will be declared at the AGM. All members that are entitled to vote as per the constitution will be delivered the instructions for online voting via electronic email on Thursday 22 October 2020.

Please see below nominee profiles for the upcoming election for TWA Board Members. This document should be read in conjunction with the Selection Criteria Matrix provided below.


Skills Met Category A:  Governance, Financial Management, Strategic Management, Risk Management,   

Skills Met Category B: Human Resources, Board Experience, Connection to Triathlon WA 

PERSONAL STATEMENT: As an incumbent board member I understand the challenges associated with this role and the difficult upcoming decisions that need to be made. Because of this, I believe it would be in TWA’s interests to retain some of the longer term serving board members such as myself. I have a vision and plan for the association to ensure that it is delivering for its members. I believe I have the skill sets to enable the association to deliver on this plan. The current board has done a good job during difficult conditions in ensuring the association is more sustainable. TWA remains operational and also turned a modest profit. At the time of joining the board TWA was making a loss; I would like to ensure we don’t return to this position.


Skills Met Category A:  Governance, Financial Management, Legal, Strategic Management, Risk Management 

Skills Met Category B: Human Resources, Board Experience, Sports Administration. 

PERSONAL STATEMENT: I have always actively volunteered throughout my life/career either within the business/professional arena or through sporting activities/volunteer roles. I see my application & nomination to join the Board of Triathlon WA (as I did with Golf WA) a way to combine my passion (and professional skills/qualifications) for business and sport. Having both a sports qualification, MBA and also professional experience at the executive level, I feel confident I would be able to actively contribute to the Board of Triathlon WA.


Skills Met Category A:  Governance, Financial Management, Strategic Management, Risk Management, 

Stakeholder Engagement Skills Met Category B: Board Experience, Marketing, Sports Administration, Connection to Triathlon WA 

PERSONAL STATEMENT: I am keen to utilise my MBA education, skills and experience in a board role.  As a past director of an SSA and as EO at Masters Swimming WA, I have an excellent understanding of the responsibilities of being a board member.  Triathlon is a sport that has always strongly resonated with me and I am keen to provide my expertise in assisting the organisation to achieve its strategic objectives. I have full confidence in the current management of Triathlon WA and feel I could be a highly valuable member of the Board in developing and supporting the future direction of the sport.


Skills Met Category A:Governance, Financial Management, Legal, Stakeholder Engagement 

Skills Met Category B: Sports Administration, Connection to Triathlon WA 

PERSONAL STATEMENT: Ben is the current president of TWA and has been an elected board member for the last two years. Ben is a family lawyer and former professional cyclist. In Ben’s spare time, he coaches and mentors a number of talented young cyclists. Ben is passionate about triathlon and now competes socially in half and full ironman events. Ben has a particular interest in encouraging junior athletes and everyday people to participate in local training and racing. Ben first competed in a triathlon in 2004 and after a number of years racing his bike returned to competing in tris for the healthy lifestyle and community spirit which are synonymous with the sport.  


Skills Met Category A:  Legal, Strategic Management, Stakeholder Engagement 

Skills Met Category B: Marketing, Connection to Triathlon WA 

PERSONAL STATEMENT: I am passionate about gender equity and achieving  equal female participation  in  triathlons in Western Australia, as well as engaging with other organisations such as cycling and running advocacy groups, road safety groups and local councils to facilitate safe training for everybody. I am committed to environmental awareness and sustainability and would love the opportunity to help make TWA an organisation which ensures triathlons and training are run in the most sustainable way possible for the environment so that we are not contributing to the destruction of the wonderful and beautiful places in which we can compete in Western Australia.