Katie Richards
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My Name is Katie Richards, I am 28 years of age and new to the sport of triathlon.

I got into the sport, by the persuasiveness of my partner who willingly signed me up for a WIT (women In Triathlon) course in Oct 2017 without me knowing. Anyhow little did I know this decision would be the best moving forward as I got to meet the best bunch of ladies (my little tri family), coaches and joined a brilliant supportive club for all levels North Coast Tri Club

At the beginning of my triathlon journey, I was petrified of water and was unable to swim a 25 meter length in the pool without stopping, I had also never ridden a bike since the age of 8. So lets just say everything was very new and very daunting for me. Luckily the WIT course I joined catered for all abilities, sizes and ages and we were all supported and motivated by each other and the coaches, which helped gradually build my confidence in the water and on the bike.

As I was unsure whether I would take to the sport, I used my partners mountain bike and old bikinis for the first few weeks of the course. Luckily through the WIT course we were donated second hand gear by club members i.e. bike shoes, top, shorts, gloves, which by the way I still use.

I signed myself up for my first race around the start of November in Mandurah (sprint distance) and I was nervous beyond belief, but at this stage I had decided that I love the sport and treated myself to a brand new (second hand) road bike off Gum tree.

Going into the race, I was quite overwhelmed with my nerves and was very anxious. I was lucky enough to have a lovely lady from my club volunteer to swim alongside me and help me though the swim even tho she wasn’t participating herself. I stopped many times throughout the swim and panicked but she helped me through. There was picture taken at the end of the swim where you can see how extremely happy I was that I didn’t quit.
Every race since, I get more and more confident in the water and on the bike, and if I ever have doubts I think back to that over whelming feeling of joy after the race is finished.

From the start of October 2017 I gradually worked my way through the distances, starting off with a few sprint, then 3 Olympic and until finally completing two 70.3 IRONMAN in May and June 2018. I have signed up for another two 70.3 IRONMAN, one in November and December with the hope of possibly doing a full IRONMAN in 2019. Don’t give up on something because you cant swim/bike or run, because where there’s a will there’s a way. 😉