Jarrad Hubbard

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I am Jarrad Hubbard, I am a 30-year-old Husband, Father of two young boys and proud to say I am a Triathlete. I live in a Small Country town approx. 250km east of Perth and I Became a Triathlete to improve my health. I saw triathletes as Fit Healthy Happy and Strong. I was a big drinker, weighed in excess of 140kg and cleared the Bain-marie out often. Spring of 2016 I had enough and took action, I wanted to ensure I would be able to set a good example to my young family and be around to see them grow. I initially started run – walking as I couldn’t jog for more than a few hundred metres. I also started cycling regularly along with swimming with no real direction or plan in place. I soon dropped approx. 30kg completed the 2017 HBF half marathon, I then moved on to complete a triathlon.

My first race was an incredibly rewarding experience. What I didn’t know before starting was how welcoming and supportive the triathlon community were regardless of your physical appearance or athletic ability. From there as anyone that catches the bug will know a snowball effect took place and training soon ramped up and weight continued to fall off. I travelled to Perth and surrounds to compete as much as I could rounding out the season competing at Busselton 70.3 “duathlon” in what was the worst conditions I have endured yet, even so I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face the whole race. 18 months of work went into finish that one event and I will forever remember the on course comradery and support. I have managed now to lose over 50kg and am now training under the Guidance of a coach from the MaccaX Endurance Team.

Some things that have challenged me are self motivation, training 100% alone is mentally tough, such as when the lads are all down the pub I’m on the trainer. Travel, living in a rural area means early morning travel to races, 2am wakeups or organising accommodation for the night before a race. lack of pool access, my local 33m outdoor pool is only open from mid Oct until the start of April. I also share the Narrow Country roads with Road Trains year round. As the only Triathlete currently competing in my local community I have relied heavily on the online community for resources and support. I am currently training for Western Sydney 70.3 and Ironman 70.3 WA and plan to race a majority of the great local events post new year.