Junior Triathlete of the Year Series

Triathlon Western Australia Junior Triathlete of the Year Series

The Junior Triathlete of the Year Series comprises 4 races specifically designed for junior triathletes aged 12-19 years old. The series comprises events with varying distances depending on the age category of the athlete and the race.

Award categories for the series will be divided into the age groups 12-13 years, 14-15 years, and 16-19 Years. Age is determined for TOTY as at 31st December, 2019.

The series comprised of the following 3 events:

Date Event Location Distance
 17 November 2019 Left Bank Triathlon Fremantle  12-13 - Junior 200/9.5/2, 14-15 - Fun 300/14/2, 16-19 - Sprint 400/19.5/4
 26 January 2020 Australia Day Triathlon Point Walter  12-13 - Junior 200/7/2.5, 14-15 - Fun 400/14/2.5, 16-19 - Sprint 750/21/5
 16 February 2020 LGM Industries Bunbury city Classic Bunbury 12-13 - Enticer 250/10/2, 14-15 - Enticer 250/10/2, 16-19 - Sprint 750/20/5

Results from the Junior State Championship Series will determine the TWA Junior Triathlete of the Year with awards presented to the top 3 male and female athletes . To be eligible for the TWA Junior Triathlete of the Year, all participants must be a Triathlon WA member. Points are collected from the athletes best three from the four races.  

Ties are resolved under the same premise as the senior point system and conditions are the same as apply to seniors. For the full policy, click here.

Placing  Points
 First 50 
Second 40
Third 30
Fourth 20
Fifth 10
Sixth 5
Seventh 4
Eight 3
Ninth 2
Tenth 1

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